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25.03.2017 um 17:21 Uhr


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25.03.2017 um 06:00 Uhr

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25.03.2017 um 04:18 Uhr


At any given time, there are only 3 classes of UR-TH humans allowed to keep there foreskin: The super poor; because they are not a threat, the super dull; because there are so many, and the pre-mature; because there are so few. Perhaps now, boys and girls, you can see the enormity of the struggle we face.

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24.03.2017 um 23:18 Uhr


Alguien se apunta para una expedición para ir a robar unos cuantos yates que acaben con la deuda estatal y podamos vivir un poco mejor y poquito a poquito ahorrar lo suficiente para, de aquí doscientos años, poder disfrutar de un yate tal que así?Qué lejano queda ya todo esto de las vaciones, no?Saludos

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24.03.2017 um 21:55 Uhr


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24.03.2017 um 15:17 Uhr


WTF? RZ has something, anything, bad to say about the late, great planet China and it actually has some teeth? What’sup with that? A moment of clarity or just melancholy over a certain NBA team’s post season performance?

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24.03.2017 um 14:22 Uhr


Lupta pentru egalitatea in drepturi civile sa transformat cu timpul, in ceva ridicol. Nu mai stii unde-i barbat, unde-i femeia. Nu mai zic ca o femeie in rochie, imagine atat de frumoasa si feminina, a devenit ceva rarisim. Pacat

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24.03.2017 um 11:07 Uhr


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24.03.2017 um 10:41 Uhr


Rickie, you're back!A suckers bet. Well I guess that you are right, Rickie. The lead edge of the boomers (1946 cohort) will be part timers as Walmart greeters as their net worth (equities + homes) collapsed.That means that the employment-population ratio should stabilize or rise as the 1947 and subsequent cohorts compete for the same positions.That is not what you really mean, is it, Rickie?

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24.03.2017 um 08:39 Uhr

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24.03.2017 um 08:35 Uhr


Many now interests how correctly to eat. The number of the people dissatisfied with the figure or health recently has increased and, as consequence, trying to get rid of excess weight. You should pick up a diet approaching you, and also learn to make correctly balanced diet.

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24.03.2017 um 02:50 Uhr


Yeah, looks like United has their side as long as their defensive pairings can hold up/waits for conspiracy theorists on another favorable MUFC draw

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24.03.2017 um 01:13 Uhr


How come advertising in todays D&AD annuals, is mainly image led. If there is copy, it's one sentence which is very small. Where as if you looked at earlier annuals, typography and lots of copy was common. Can someone tell me, is this just a trend in art direction or is there another reason?

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23.03.2017 um 22:07 Uhr


ÃƒÂÃ‚ÅΈÃ ƒâ€˜Ã‚ۈ ƒÂÃ‚²)à ƒÂÃ‚â€™ Ќ е М е б уà ƒÂÃ‚Â² гà ƒÂÃ‚ÂŸÃƒ ‘Ã⠀˜Ã‚‚Ñà ‚€ÃÂ ÂΈÃƒÂÃ‚Â ¹ гà ƒÂÃ‚Â°ÃƒÂ Ã‚œÃ Ã‚³Ã†˜Ã‚€Ã µÐ œÐ ŸÐà ‚Â·ÃƒÂÃ ‚œÃà ‚ÂΈÃƒÂÃ‚Â ¹ Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â±Ã ƒâ€˜Ã‚‚Ã⠀˜Ã‚ƒÃ‘à ‚€ÃÂ °Ã‘Â⠀ Ãƒâ€˜Ã‚â €“й М ÃƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃ ƒÂÃ‚¹ кà ƒÂÃ‚Â°ÃƒÂ Ã‚»Ã⠀˜Ã‚ŒÃà ‚ºÃ‘à ‚ƒÃÂ »Ãƒâ€˜Ã‚Å ’П з М ÃƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃ ƒÂÃ‚¹ ÑÂ  Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â»Ã ƒÂÃ‚µà ƒâ€˜Ã‚†à ƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃƒâ €˜Ã‚Ã‘à ‚‚РΈÃƒâ€˜Ã‚‚ з р Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â±Ã ƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃƒÂ Ã‚»Ã Ã‚ÂΈ л аà ƒÂÃ‚Â¿Ã ƒÂÃ‚°Ã⠀˜Ã‚€Ã Ã‚ŸÃ†˜Ã‚Ãà ‚ºÃÂ ŸÃÂ ¿Ãƒâ€˜Ã‚â €“ч М у ÑÂ  Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â»Ã ƒÂÃ‚µà ƒâ€˜Ã‚†à ƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃƒâ €˜Ã‚Ã‘à ‚‚РµÃƒÂÃ‚ ºÃƒâ€˜Ã‚â €šÃƒÂÃ‚Ÿ Ќ іà ƒâ€˜Ã‚Åœ. ÃƒÂÃ‚ÅΈÃ ƒâ€˜Ã‚ۈ ƒÂÃ‚ŸÃ ‘ˆàÃ‚»Ã Ã‚Ÿ ÃƒÂÃ‚Â΄Ã ƒÂÃ‚µà ƒâ€˜Ã‚Ã⠀˜Ã‚Ã‘à ‚‚ъ’ ÃƒÂÃ‚Â΄Ã ƒÂÃ‚ψ ƒâ€˜Ã‚–àÃ‚² а б іà ƒÂÃ‚Â»Ã ƒâ€˜Ã‚Å’ з п р аà ƒÂÃ‚Â²Ãƒ Â° М е з М ÃƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃ ƒÂÃ‚ºÃ Â°Ã⠀˜Ã‚”. ÃƒÂÃ‚ÅΈÃ ƒÂÃ‚ŸÃ ‘€Ã Â°Ã Ã‚Â΄Ãƒâ€˜Ã ‚ŒÃ‘Â⠀šÃƒÂÃ‚µ , щ П р Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â±Ã ƒÂÃ‚ÂΈÃƒâ €˜Ã‚‚Ðà ‚ÂΈ? К Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â¶Ãƒ ÂœÃ ÂŸÃ Ã‚³Ã Ÿ ÃƒÂÃ‚Â΄Ã ƒÂÃ‚ψ ƒâ€˜Ã‚ р Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â±Ã ƒÂÃ‚Ȉ ƒâ€˜Ã‚Åœ уà ƒÂÃ‚ÂºÃƒ ÂŸÃ Ã‚»Ã Ã‚ÂΈ з М е б Пà ƒÂÃ‚Â»Ã ƒâ€˜Ã‚–Ã⠀˜Ã‚ŜÃ⠀˜Ã‚‡Ã Ã‚ŸÃ ³Ðà ‚ÂŸ..Ðà ‚ÂœÃƒÂÃ ‚µ ÃƒÂÃ‚Â΄Ã ƒÂÃ‚ŸÃ Â¿à ƒÂÃ‚ŸÃ ÂŒÃ Â°Ã Ã‚³Ã °Ñà ‚â€(

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23.03.2017 um 19:31 Uhr


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23.03.2017 um 11:49 Uhr


I assume that you are speaking of a building where the chancel is on the east end of the building.Then do we speak of a “liturgical east” even if the building is not situated with the nave and chancel on an east west axis?

# 6506
23.03.2017 um 11:40 Uhr


13 lucky months to … 13 lucky months to go till 12 21 2012 lol and im 31 today. Not that i believe anything will happen on that date but the numbers just had to be put out there. I at least found it amusing +3Was this answer helpful?

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23.03.2017 um 11:37 Uhr


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23.03.2017 um 08:40 Uhr


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22.03.2017 um 16:48 Uhr


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